The ultimate guide to Social Media Marketing

06 May 2020    |   by Shanmugapriyaa   |   social media marketing
Social Media Marketing is gaining importance in the business today. Social media marketing is one of the platforms under digital marketing.

There are so many reasons for businesses starting from the smallest to the largest ones adapting Social Media as a prominent marketing channel. Difference between the traditional marketing and the newest marketing like social media marketing is the channel of marketing.

what are the Social Media Marketing Platforms?

These are the platforms that you use to socialize with the world. Some of them are: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Quora, LinkedIn, Reddit, Tik-Tok. As there are billions of people using these social media platforms daily, every single brand has to have a social media presence in order to have a wider reach to the audience around the world and expand the business worldwide through social media marketing.

Where to start in SMM?

The first step to have success in social media marketing is to start with having a strong social media presence. It involves the strategized social media campaigns, and developing engaging content. These kinds of content will help in having a greater brand engagement with customers. Refer to the article on Brand engagement and how Brand engagement helps in creating a brand awareness.

About Social Media Marketing
The face of your Online Business is Social Media

While the traditional marketing is focusing on Ads through Televisions, banners, billboards, radios, celebrity endorsement and sponsoring events etc as their channels. Basically, the Social Media marketing uses Social media handles as their channels to market the products and services of the company in the form of content of different modes.Social media marketing commonly mentioned as SMM in Digital Marketing is the form of internet marketing.

Social Media – a platform for Marketing:

Basically, social media is a platform used for entertainment. What do you understand by the term entertainment platform? It means, people come here to relax and get some kind of entertainment in the forms of quotes, motivational thoughts or simply dance, comedy videos and so on. So, whenever we are trying how to leverage the advantage of the social media platforms for our own interest, we have to keep this in mind strictly. By this way, any social media content crafted should have a touch and feel of understanding the needs and wants of customers. In the fast- changing world, the span of attention of the people has decreased from 18 minutes to just 2 minutes attention span. So, it is the responsibility of the social media marketer to grab the attention of audience within that 2 minutes.

How to grab the attention of audience?

When it comes to social media marketing, attention of audience can be grabbed by using customer centric modes of content, based on the nature and type of industry that you are actually in, so as to attract the audience.

How to do social media marketing?

There are certain steps and procedures to design a successful social media strategy. These steps have to be followed in order to gain an advantage over competitors and harness the power of Social Media Marketing. Understand your goals. The first step to start with in the marketing using social media is defining your business goals. Business goals helps in keeping your social media campaigns focused on those goals and do not let you deviate from those goals also. Along with that, it helps in having a path and a destination to reach through these campaigns. Besides this setting a social media marketing goal aligning with business goals will help in knowing where the company stands in terms of the business.
Setting goals for marketing not only helps in keeping your business focused in the achievement that has to be made but also helps the business to easily keep a track of what is happening in terms of marketing and business as a whole.If you have ever run any offline advertisements for your business in the form of banners and so on, then you would have known how difficult it is to measure how your particular advertisement is performing. You never knew and could not be certain about the ad and the sales it drives to your business. But it is easy with social media marketing. From the CTR (click through rate), to the actual revenue that you can get through each and every ad that you run through Social Media Marketing can be monitored and recorded using embedded pixels. All the ads that you run, along with how it has performed over the days and the number of leads that you have got from these ads can be analyzed easily using social media platforms.

Targeting audience:

Now its time to actually get into the field! Social media marketing requires some amount of budget, but comparatively less than Google Ads (refer to the article on google ads to get greater insights about google ads and its importance). The main disadvantage of Social media marketing ads over the Google ads is that all the people who we are targeting through SMM are cold leads (cold leads are people who are not aware of the product or service you are selling or they have encountered your brand for the first time). So, it takes lot of effort to choose between these audience.
Let us take an example and see why targeting audience is important: If there are 131 billion people in the country and you are an online placement coaching center, then you cannot just simply show your social media ads to every single person in the country. There are people on social media who are not students also, so showing your ads irrelevant to the audience will increase the cost of your social media ads. This is why it is crucial to target audience. The first step in identifying target audience is the target audience mapping. It involves the determination of the Customer persona (customer persona is nothing but defining exactly how your target audience is and who will be the right audience for your product or service.
So, the customer persona mapping would be a student who is in the final year or pre final year of study, currently studying in a Engineering college in Tamil Nadu. That student will need aptitude training and Personal Interview preparation. Now this gives us a clear idea about who we should target for the Social media ads. Wondering where to target the audience? Every social media platform provides options to filter out your audience based on their profile and interest. Use these options to specifically show your ads to target audience alone. This way the social media ad is targeted and specifically shown to people who might be your potential customers. This helps in reducing social media ads cost to a greater extent.

write a successful ad:

As you now know who are your target audience and customers. Now list down the pain points of the customer! Make the ad in such a way that it addresses the pain points of your client and give your product as the solution for that pain point or the problem that your potential customer has. Organic social media marketing is nothing but the engagement which you get from the people who are already a part of your social media handles. They are completely organic and every time you share a content, the social media platforms takes it to them with no cost involved. The key here is to share shareworthy content and also give a call to action on all the contents that you post on these handles.
By providing good content through content marketing strategies, it is possible for your existing audience to share those content with their following, this results in increasing exposure to your social media handles. Follow these steps and have a balance of the content that you publish on social media handles so as to get a successful social media marketing campaign for your business.

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