Google Ads the right way for your local business

06 May 2020    |   by Shanmugapriyaa   |   Google ads
Ranking your website on the top of Google search page is important to increase visibility. But it is possible through Google Ads, when done rightly

If you have a website, then you would always have a dream to rank your website on the top of the Google pages for a targeted keyword. There are 1.7 billion websites in the world. Almost there are websites for each and every need. Unless your business is completely special and new in the market, there is already somebody ready with their website on search engines especially Google. So, you may ask me the question of how to rank your website higher in Google now!! Especially if you are a local brand and new in the digital world (ie., you have started your website recently)

Isn’t SEO the best Way?

I can hear you saying SEO! Of-course SEO is great when it comes to ranking websites on various search engine, but now we are talking about a very niche market which is highly saturated with contents from your competitors. Also, being a small player in the market, do you think there is a greater chance for you to boost up your ranking compared to the larger players out there? Yes, you will be able to over throw them!

But the truth is ..

But the sad part is that through SEO it takes time, patience and extremely good skills to beat these larger brands. But surprisingly!! There is an alternative which can give you instant results. Before looking at the actual solution, I have a question for you. Have you ever come across an ad when you are looking for something on google? If yes, then you have the solution in your answer.

About SEO
Taking an image, freezing a moment, reveals how rich reality truly

There are so many search engines like Google, Bing, explorer (edge) etc., Google accounting for almost 78% of the entire traffic on the internet, its stands as the most preferred search engine for all the internet audience because of the quality content it has in itself and the speed of delivery of results for the specific keywords that are searched for.

The best alternative revealed:

The best alternative to rank your business digitally is through Google Ads. Google Ads help you to put your business in the top of the search page for the targeted keywords without much effort from the SEO or Content side of the website. This is nothing but an investment that you make for your business. When you invest on Google Ads, this actually means that you are investing directly for the generation of hot leads. The person who searches on Google for a specific keyword, is more or less a potential customer. This means that the person has a need to search for it and also has a prior knowledge about the product or service concerned with these keywords. Obviously, these people are already warm leads. Now as a business your sole job is to try converting them into hot leads and eventually turn them into a customer (yeah! Just close the deal)

What will happen when your website is in the top of the top most page of searches in Google? It is a human nature to click on the first heading that appears in front when they search for something. So, isn’t it highly certain that they will click on your website if it appears on the top? It is definitely a yes again! This is where Google Ads come in. Just select a keyword. Bid the desired amount for that keyword. Pay the bid amount for Google Ads. There you go! Google will take care of the rest for you. You will be placed at the top of Google Search Pages for your targeted words. If this is that easy, then all your competitors will be using the same to win over the crowd to their business. That is why crafting a strategy and knowing google Ads in and out is important!!

Starting with google Ads:

Let’s start with Google Ads Login. But before that let us understand some terms related to it! This is a Rating used by Google to assess the quality of the keywords and the relevance of the content that you insert inside your ads. Google always stresses upon quality! That is why they have topped all the other search engines. Google algorithm tries to give the best quality content to its audience. So, if you want your ads to be Google friendly then focus on the quality. All the keywords that are used must be highly relevant to the content and context of your business. This way the quality score of your ads will be high. What is the use of having high quality score? Quality score helps to push your ads among the other competitors. The actual ad position is given based on a calculated metrics such as.
Quality score X Bid Amount = successful ad.
An ad that gets this metric higher is considered to be good by Google, so Google Ads assigns this ad to higher position. This shows the importance of having a quality ad and a quality content as well. Bid amount for Google ads: Bid amount is nothing but the amount of money that you are willing to put in the auction to google in order to win that particular position in google pages to display your ads among all the competitors for the same provided keywords. Google also loves to earn more! So, Google picks the bid that is higher compared to the others and display it in the top of its ads portion on the Google pages. The secret to win the Google Ads: Have a higher Quality score and a bid amount higher than the competitors. Then the cumulative effect will help in winning the Google Ads position.

Google Ads Login:

The Google Ads can be run from the Google Adwords. Click on the start Now! The different sections in Google Ads are: decide how much to spend, choose your target audience, set a bid, write your Ad. understand what is your company budget that you can potentially provide for running Google Ads. Mostly this budget is made based on the estimated sales or the sales trends from previous years. Your entire campaign will run pertaining to that budget which you set. Find your target audience. This helps us to understand what are the keywords that your target audience will potentially type in the search bar. These potential keywords help you to bid for the right keyword and target your right audience and customers. setting a bid strategically, helps you to gain priority over your competitors. As the Google allocated the specific ad potion based on the combined value of Quality score and Bid amount, bidding a higher amount will increase your chance of Getting the top position even if your Quality score is little less. The bid amount of the competitor will be taken into consideration during this process. write your ads. This is the most crucial step. The entire success of the google ads lies in the customer actually clicking it and consuming the content. Using copy writing and proper content writing strategy is very important to improve this aspect. A clickable content must address the keywords of the audience and also touch upon the pain points of the customers and address them as well.

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