Harenss the power of Digital Marketing to boost the revenue of your business

May 2020    |   by Shanmugapriyaa   |   Digital Marketing
All the businesses have started adopting the new normal. Going Digital is the new normal that is widely used by businesses to start flying high after the crisis.

The time has come for all the business to move digital. The traditional client meetings are getting converted into virtual video conferences. Besides all these, the generation of leads is moving more into digital platforms. This is the power of digital marketing in today’s world. Competition has increased to a greater extent. At the same time, cost has also increased for traditional modes of promotions. A single television ad with a reach of 3,00,000 people might cost somewhere around several Lakhs for 10 seconds.

Importance of Digital Marketing:

Even the larger companies are moving more towards digital marketing. this is due to its ease of use and high efficiency. The digital marketing has gained importance in the recent days because, Lower cost, Wide use of digital platforms by customers, Higher reach, Easy to create a and use, Availability of skilled experts.

Why digital marketing is great for a small business?

These small businesses are mostly in the phase of expansion in terms of their capacity, labor, machinery for production and so on, so most of the fund is allocated to these activities. Digital marketing comes as a savior in this situation. Due the wide range of reach achievable at a very low cost, Digital marketing helps smaller businesses reach heights and achieve success in their business.

About digital marketing
Digital marketing for businesses:

There are so many digital marketing aspects that each business has to start doing immediately to take a strong step online and increase your existing online reach and presence. This has shown the growing digital marketing trends throughout the world in various businesses.

Role of digital marketing:

Digital marketing essentially plays a major role in increasing your sales. This is done by reduction in cost while gaining a potential-customers with greater flexibility of campaigns that can be easily carried out without much technical expertise. Mere leads without conversion is not enough for a business to sustain in a longer run. Lead conversion has now become a challenging part for any small business. By devising proper strategies through digital marketing, a large number of small businesses have mastered the art of lead conversion at a lower cost. The highly customizable format of these digital marketing platforms and channels, along with the various testing options and performance monitoring facilities available through digital marketing, we can exercise a complete control over the campaign and stop it at any time needed. If you are looking to improve your business through digital marketing and increase your sales, but do not know the different digital marketing trends to succeed, then this is the right place to know it all.

A powerful website is your brand. Creating website is the basic thing which helps you start your online presence. Most of the business are now moving digital, but they are leaving out the importance of a website. Though, the Google algorithms are becoming more and more difficult and it is taking a lot of time to rank a single website at the top of Google pages, this seems to be the highly converting modes of digital marketing. Along with making website, care must be taken to make it mobile-friendly. A highly responsive website is important because, most of the online engagement happens through mobile nowadays. So, if the website is not mobile friendly, then you might lose a potential customer. The first key towards a successful website creation is making it mobile-friendly. The second important factor to note is the speed of loading of a website. If the website is slow, then obviously the customers who visit the website will get annoyed and go to another website. This also makes google algorithm think that the content of your site is irrelevant.

Social Media for increasing reach:

Social media has a greater advantage of reaching a wide range of customers in a single click of the button. There a lot of these social media platforms that can be used for the benefit of small businesses. Initially, if proper strategy is being followed to create a set of audience, then gaining organic traffic for your contents and this daily traffic helps these social media platforms to boost your content to much people, who might be potential customers in a longer run. You can also go in for advertising on these social media platforms. With billions of users logging in on a daily basis, Facebook and Instagram are one of the top most social media platforms for advertising. In these platforms we can advertise to a very niche audience and target them effectively. The targeting can be done based on the interest of the audience. This can help even target the audience of your competitors. If your particular customer follows your competitor, then you can specifically show ads to those people based on their interest.

Nowadays putting up an ad on the social media has become very cheap, starting from Rs.72 (ie., $1) per day. It is completely up to you as to how many days you are going to display that ad. If you found that the ad is not performing well, then you can improve on the ads also. Besides these, lead generation ads are very helpful for collecting the details of the potential leads. With this information, the businesses can target the leads by calls or emails until they get converted into customers. Even when you have a potential customer visiting your cart, but ended up not making a purchase due to various reasons, it is highly easy to retarget them using the information until they finally make the purchase. These strategies and options in social media marketing are very useful in reducing the CTA, which is the cost per acquisition. CTA is nothing but the amount spent on generation of a customer, right from the lead generation stage to the conversion into customer. Benefits of Social Media Marketing: Low cost per lead, Greater reach, Easy targeting, Retargeting can be done, increase in the number of social media users daily.

SEO is the king:

Besides all this chaos, there is an important point to note. That is the SEO (Search Engine Optimization). SEO is always the best way of digital marketing because, once SEO is done perfectly in a right manner, then the content will start producing traffic automatically over time. All the reach that a Winning SEO content produces is completely organic, which means you need not pay for attracting that traffic. Increased organic reach also means that the quality of the content is excellent and people really love your product or service. So, basically A good SEO practice puts your page on the top the search results further increasing the customer engagement with your content and website. Study says that it takes more than 3-4 impression for a customer to actually see you and the attention span of the customer is 2 minutes. Also, 30% of the clicks that happen on google goes to the page that ranks in Number 1 position for the targeted keywords. This says that among the 100 people who search for a particular keyword, 30 people click on the first link and the 99% people do not move to the second page of the search results.

This shows that customers perception that, which ever page tops the google results are the best and a company or brand they could rely on. It is not possible to change this perception of the people, but we can always try to make our content stand out in the front when customers search for it. This is possible through the perfect SEO solution. Search Engine Optimization is itself a skill that can be mastered. There are several ways to boost the SEO score of the website, but none does a good job like carefully crafted content with awesome keywords in place. A good keyword research strategy combined with a good keyword research tool will make the job easy. It is an agreed point that SEO takes time. But it never takes forever. Backlinks, medium traffic keywords are best to start with. People have found out shortcuts which can work only for few days. These shortcuts may even get the website banned If they are used in a long run. This method of SEO is called as the black hat SEO. The google algorithm is modified in the recent days to stop these Black hat SEO practice.

White hat SEO is something that is legal and is beneficial for the website in the longer run. It involves, proper generation of backlinks by people who really found the content to be useful and shareworthy. Creating high quality, user friendly content is one way of doing SEO in a right manner. This white hat SEO also involves a in-depth key word research, instead of dumping keywords, carefully using the strategic keywords in appropriate places such that it will attract the attention of readers. This will also increase reader’s time spent on the particular page of your website. Embedding videos from the company’s YouTube channel helps greatly in increasing the retention time of the website. Among 200 + parameters that Google uses to rank a website, retention time (the average time, which the reader spends on the website) and bounce rate (time it has taken for the reader to exit the page) are important. This says the quality of content and relevance of the content to the topic. Some websites have a lucrative title for their website and articles, but the content seems to be irrelevant, so immediately the customer looking for something, exits the website and will start searching for the next ranked website.A perfectly crafted SEO Strategy will help in avoiding all these confusions.

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