5 Top SEO tips to master the art of SEO

06 May 2020    |   by Shanmugapriyaa   |   SEO
Entering into Digital marketing for a business is important. SEO helps in making your business’s digital marketing journey fruitful.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. The name itself says everything. It is basically optimizing your website and the website contents to match the several criteria laid down by the search engines out there.

Search engines and SEO

There are so many search engines like Google, Bing, explorer (edge) etc., Google accounting for almost 78% of the entire traffic on the internet, its stands as the most preferred search engine for all the internet audience because of the quality content it has in itself and the speed of delivery of results for the specific keywords that are searched for.

Google and SEO

Google follow certain rules to keep itself as the best search engine. There are many parameters .. But the most important one is the quality of content and its relevance. The other search engines also follow a similar criterion. So, if the content of the website as well as the website as a whole must be optimized according to the Google Algorithms. If the website is optimized to match the Google algorithm then it automatically ranks higher in the other search engines also.

About SEO
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There are so many search engines like Google, Bing, explorer (edge) etc., Google accounting for almost 78% of the entire traffic on the internet, its stands as the most preferred search engine for all the internet audience because of the quality content it has in itself and the speed of delivery of results for the specific keywords that are searched for.

Google algorithm for SEO success
Understanding the Google algorithm for SEO success:

Better understanding the Google algorithm helps you to get an idea of how SEO works. The google algorithm keeps changing from time to time. This is to ensure that there are no malpractices being done on Google done by black hat SEO’s to rank any website higher on Google, without having appropriate quality content. It is estimated that around 200 criteria are used by Google to analyze a single website before ranking it on the Google page after proper indexing.
Indexing is a process by which google runs its bots to check the content of the website that is being published on google. By this way Google checks for the application of all these parameters that it needs to analyze. While indexing a website by Google, if there is any error or practices identified that is against the terms of Google, then Google index it under the spam category and will give a black mark to your website. Though there are many changes in these algorithms from time to time, Google never shifts its focus away from quality of the content.
The important aim of Google is to keep itself alive by helping all its users find the exact right as well as the relevant content that they are looking for, without much difficulty. All the algorithms in Google are designed in such a way that it ensures to achieve this goal of Google. Getting you into 5 tips for a proper SEO

Secret #1 : Power of Keywords:

Choosing the right keyword strategy is very important for the best SEO practice and also ranking your website higher on Google. But for the recent times just dumping keywords in the website is not advisable as it will lead to putting your website to a ban by Google. Most of the people think that keyword research is highly difficult. But, let me tell you, it is not as difficult as seeing your website at the last pages of Google and getting no traffic for your content at all!! Do you agree with me on this? So, it is never tough to do a little keyword research in order to achieve the desired results you want. With so many paid as well as free SEO Tools that are present in the internet now the job has become much easier for the SEO analysts who are striving to rank the website on the top of google results. The page that is ranking on the first place in Google is most likely to get more clicks and visits. Search engine Optimization does the work for your business. Once done rightly, then the rest will be taken care by Google. We have talked about indexing by google. Google is not a human.. So, how can Google rank a specific website? It is possible only with the help of keywords that you use in the content that you post. Google bots will analyze the keywords that are present in the content and match it with the keywords that are typed by the people. The article with the most relevant and closest keyword will assume the Number 1 position in Google pages.

Secret #2: Length is strength:

When it comes to the content of the website, you may have a doubt that is the length of content important? What is the optimum length of the content?

Length of the content is highly important. Earlier there was no importance given to the content of the website. But recently there are many numbers of websites popping up each and every day in various topics. Almost every single topic which you search for in google has a website and there are full time bloggers working for the improvement of the website contents. There is a lower limit for the number of words that must be included to have a better SEO score. Any article must contain atleast 300 words to be having a better SEO score. So, in order to fulfill this criterion, earlier the websites are written with 300 words with so many Keywords dumped into those 300 words. But it is not going to work anymore. The more comprehensive the content on the website with more relevant keywords in proper place is the key for ranking your website in the recent times. So, the length of the content in the website is important for the higher ranking. There is again this check which you have to consider!!
Just having a lengthy content is not sufficient.
Length of Content + more rightly selected relevant keywords = higher SEO Score

secret #3 building links
Secret #3: Building Links:

Among all the SEO Parameters that are used by Google for ranking a website, the number of backlinks and internal links plays a major role. This involves the link building activity in SEO Practice. There are two types of SEO:
a) On-page SEO
b) Off- page SEO
On-page SEO is the SEO practice that can be carried out within the website page itself. In involves building internal links within the website pages. This helps in linking one of your articles to another article within your website. This shows google that all the contents of your website are inter linked and are very niche. This parameter is very important in determining if your website is highly relevant to the keyword that is being searched. Inter linking within your website also increases the SEO Score of your website as the users will more likely click on the inter linked page also. This results in the increase in the reading time of that particular website, making Google think that the articles are of high relevance and high quality.
The off-page SEO involves building back links to the other websites. Black Hat SEO people used this trick to rank higher on Google. But this will not work anymore. They started spamming the different platforms with links to their website. So, these are also controlled with the recent updates in Google algorithm. So, genuinely using this backlink is important.
Reach out to the bloggers who write contents similar to your website. Ask for back links. If your website is of high quality, with good keywords and contents and with greater traffic then they will obviously accept providing back links for you. This can be a mutual benefitting thing also. This can be possible through Guest posting also. Sometimes, if your website is really good in driving greater traffic, then people running smaller websites will start using your website as reference, so you automatically get back links.

Secret #4: Headlines:

Headlines in terms of meta tags and other meta descriptions is something that is seen by the users in the google search itself. So, it is important to give an attractive and clickable headline and meta description. This is the first impression that you are giving your audience. These headlines must be clickable and also contain the desired keywords that the audience is searching for. This helps in giving an impression that the given website will actually contains content that is relevant to search terms and keywords. The performance of these headlines is accessed by a parameter called CTR. CTR is the Click Through Rate. Click Through rate is the calculated value of the ratio of Number of clicks to the number of impressions. If your heading is not clickable, then Google will think that your content is not likeable by the audience and pulls down the rank. The tip here is to place the keywords in the introduction of the article or blog post.

Secret #5: User experience:

User experience is really important when coming to Google Ranking. The important points to note to deliver good user experience is
a) Relevant content
b) Fast loading speed
c) More links
d) Giving videos embedded inside the website
e) Comprehensive content
Follow these #5 tips to excel in SEO for your website even if it is very small you can device winning strategies using these tips.

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